The Wanamaker, Kempton and Southern Railroad, Kempton, Pennsylvania


There are many great excursion railroads in America.  A good number of them are in the state of Pennsylvania, and there are a few that are off the beaten path.  One of them is in a little town of Kempton.

Welcome to the Wanamaker, Kempton and Southern Railroad commonly known as the WK&S and nicknamed the ‘Hawk Mountain Line’.  You may not have heard of this train, but once you take a ride, you will want to ride again.  It runs along an old three and a half mile stretch of landlocked track once owned by the Reading Railroad.  Yes, it is a very short ride, but there is much scenery to see.  On certain days, you can ride many trips for just one fee.  You have your choice of and old style passenger car, open air gondola or the caboose.  The best way to enjoy this train is to take a ride yourself.

At the station, you can also see a model train display set up in an old Atlantic City Rail Car.  You can also tour the old Kempton depot and visit the gift shop.  It may be a small railroad, but you will have many memories to take away from here.

The WK&S is an all-volunteer railroad that operates mainly on Sundays from late May to early November.  Proceeds go to the operation of the train, maintenance of facilities and the restoration of locomotives to include Number 65 steam locomotive in hopes of getting it operational to pull trains in the future.  The train station is located at 42 Community Center Drive in Kempton, Pennsylvania just off Pennsylvania Route 737 eight miles north of I-78.  You can learn more about this train and get directions at

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