A Train Full of Thanks


Here we are at the train yard here in Realitysburg.  We are about to assemble a train headed to a town called Thanksgivingville.  We have the locomotives all ready and gassed up for the long journey.  We can now assemble the train.

The first car is the Engineer Car.  We then have the Conductor Car followed by the Brakeman Car.  Then we have the Porter Car.  From there, we have the Chef Car.  Behind that, we have the Waiter Car and the Waitress Car.  Now we have the Mechanics Car.  After that, we have the Maintenance Car.  Following that is the Ticket Agent Car followed by the Baggage Handler Car.  We have the Cleaners Car, and then we can finish the train by adding the caboose.  The train is complete, and the train is ready for the journey to Thanksgivingville.  We can sit on the bench at the watching platform and watch the train roll out.  If you are anywhere between Realitysburg and Thanksgivingville, you will want to make your way to the tracks.  This train will be passing through your town, and it is a spectacular sight to see.

For the many thing we can be thankful for, let us be thankful for the great men and women who keep the trains running all day and all night to make sure everyone and everything gets to the destination.  May you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your ride on the Train Full of Thanks.


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