Trains, Trains, Trains


What is it about trains?  It is the sound of the wheels squealing on the tracks or crossing the joints?  Is it the ringing of the bells and flashing red lights at the crossing gates?  Is it the sound of the horn or the toot of the whistle?  Is it the steam rising out of the smoke stack into the sky?  Is it sitting at your favorite spot watching each train roll on by?

How about those train shows?  You see so many model train displays of all different scales, and you meet the men and women who put their hearts into making these displays look real.

You cannot forget those museums.  You can see all of those locomotives that once pulled trains across the country and the rolling stock that carried the goods.

Remember the caboose?  They are no longer part of the train, but you see them on display in the small towns commemorating the railroad’s contribution.

From the old heritage sites to the old train depots to the great train watching spots to the museums to the train shows to the old excursion trains, the trains have a place in many hearts.

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