The Train Room, Hagerstown, Maryland


You are driving north along U.S. 11 in Maryland, and you enter into Hagerstown.  You see a small building with the words ‘The Train Room’ on the side.  Curiously, you pull over.  It is a small place.  What could be here?  You decide to go in.  You see a store full of model train supplies for sale.  You first thought is that this is just your average model train store.

“Would you like to see ‘The Train Room’?”

You see the man at the register.  You walk over to him.

“Would you like to see ‘The Train Room’?”  He asks you.

Thinking about it, you accept the invitation.  You then enter ‘The Train Room’.  You see a large model train display with trains going round and round and round and round.  The walls are full of trains.  Then you see more trains and more trains and more trains.  Before you know it, you are surrounded by trains.  Trains are here and there and everywhere.  Trains are to the left and to the right.  They are ahead of you and behind you.  They are above you and below you.  There are old trains and new trains.  You see nothing but trains, but… then… you exit.  You are standing next to the man at the register.

“What was that?”  You frantically ask.

“That was ‘The Train Room’.”

You come to realize that this is not your average everyday model train store.

It does appear small on the outside, but do not let that deceive you.  There is much on the inside.  The Train Room features a model train supply shop and a museum.  It is located at 360 South Burhans Boulevard (U.S. 11) in Hagerstown, Maryland.  You can get their hours plus more information at  The Train Room was also featured in Classic Toy Train Magazine.  You can read the article on their website.

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