A One Way Ride


They were at the train station.  The father, mother, brother and sister were hugging Jimmy as he was boarding the train.  He was headed off to fight the war.  After a long farewell, Jimmy had to get aboard the train.  They watched as the train pulled away, and it was finally out of sight.  It was a sad day to see this train on this day.

Sadly, it was the last time they saw Jimmy as he lost his life in battle.

Throughout the years many families have watched their children, their brothers and their sisters of the military board that train, and they watch them for the very last time.  They watch the trains leaving not knowing if they will ever return home again.  On this Memorial Day, let us remember those men and women who boarded the train to go to war only to not return.  Let us remember those who died in service.  Most important of all, they died defending the people so that we can watch trains and enjoy those train rides.

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