The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers Train Display, Baltimore, Maryland


Baltimore, Maryland is a city that was the birthplace of America’s national anthem.  The first Catholic cathedral in America is located here.  It is where railroading in America began.  It is a city with many great historic sites and museums.  With all these great sites, it easily overshadows another place that is a few blocks from the Inner Harbor on Saratoga Street.  It is in this upper room where you will find a few model train displays operated by the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers.


The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers opens their doors to the public very second Sunday of the month (except in May) where they have two large displays (HO and O) plus a few smaller ones.  They depict scenes from the urban city to the rural areas, and they have steam trains, diesel trains, passenger trains, freight trains and even trolleys and streetcars all operated by dedicated and hearty volunteers who love operating their trains and showing it off to everyone.  You can say that they enjoy playing with their trains.  During your visit, you will enjoy watching them at work as much as you enjoy watching the trains.


The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers was formed in March of 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland.  They are the oldest excusive model railroad club in the United States of America and the third oldest in the entire world.  They are open to new members regardless of model train experience.  They gladly train newcomers in the art of the hobby.  They are, as mentioned, open the second Sunday of each month except May from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and is located at 225 W. Saratoga Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  Admission is free, but they gladly accept donations to keep their trains running for many generations to come.  Please note that you will need to climb a long flight of stairs to get to the displays and, unfortunately, due to the fact that is it an older structure, the display is not wheelchair accessible. Parking is metered street parking which in not in effect on Sundays.  You can learn more about their society and about becoming a member at  They will be so glad that you stop by.


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