The Jefferson Depot Village, Jefferson, Ohio


There are numerous living history museums across the United States of America.  Very few of these museums are centered on the railroad.  One of these museums can be found in a little town in northeastern Ohio.


Welcome to the Jefferson Depot Village in Jefferson, Ohio.  The village is built around the original Jefferson train depot that was served by the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad, and it is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is comprised of different structures from the region that were brought here to create a living history museum.  The construction of the depot, the only structure on the property that is in its original location, began in 1863, but regular passenger service began in 1872.  Passenger service ended in 1956, and freight service ended in 1961.  Instead of letting the depot go to waste, it was restored and was made part of the village.


Today, you can visit the Jefferson Depot Village.  A costumed tour guide will take you on a guided tour of the house, a schoolhouse, general store, a tavern, a pharmacy, a church and church barn, a post office, a carriage house, a blacksmith shop and, the most important part, the old Jefferson depot.  (A Victorian house is currently being brought to the village soon.)  Oh, while in the tavern, the tour guide may play a song on the piano.  There is also a red caboose from the Pennsylvania Railroad that you can tour.  The depot is mainly set up as if it were a working depot with the freight room hosting various displays.  You can even sit and look out along the tracks (that is still in service as a spur line) and get the same view as he had years ago.  You may forget what year you are currently in.


The Jefferson Depot Village is located at 147 East Jefferson Street in Jefferson, Ohio.  Please be advised that it is only open from June through mid-October.  The hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday and 1:00pm to 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday.  Admission is only $10.00.  You can go to to find more information.  This place is truly a treasure worth visiting.


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