“You Have Been Working on the Railroad”


You have been working on the railroad all the live long day, but you are not doing it to pass the time away.  Maybe those of you who volunteer on those excursion railroads or at railroad museums may be passing the time away, but those who get paid are doing it for a living, and they are helping many people along the way.  Regardless, you all have a passion for the railroad.  From the man who sells the tickets to the engineer to the conductor to the porter to the chef to the waiter to the baggage handler to the mechanic to the tracker worker to the museum curator to the gift shop worker to the volunteer worker to the restoration worker to the model railroad builder to the photographer to the writer to the historian to the information person to the travel agent, you all play a big role in the railroad.  It is because of you that the railroad has life today.  When the people ride the train or ship freight or just watch the trains at their favorite watching spot or see the train at the museum, it is all possible because of you.

To the people of Amtrak, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Trains Magazine plus all the short line railroads and the railroad museums, have a Happy Labor Day.  Your labor is not in vain.

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