The Danbury Railroad Museum, Danbury, Connecticut


What do you think about when you think about the city of Danbury, Connecticut?  Some people have heard of this city, but if they tried to tell you what is there, you will more likely get dumb looks although it was nicknamed the ‘Hat City’ as it was once the site of a hat manufacturing center.  It is one of the largest cities in the state, and it has a few historic sites, but the most significant site is the old train station.  It is one of the few train stations that was located at a junction.  Today, this train station is the home of the Danbury Railroad Museum.


Located a few blocks from the center of town, the Danbury Railroad Museum has a huge collection inside and outside.  You enter the old train station into the old waiting room.  You see the old benches where passengers once sat on waiting for their trains to come.  You have the old ticket window where the tickets were bought.  In the next room is where you will see the numerous model trains depicting different scenes from the mountains to the towns to the old rail yards.


This is what is inside.  Now you have to see what is outside.


You exit the depot, and you are standing on one of the platforms used during the days when it was a passenger station.  You cross the tracks, and you enter into the yard.  Before you is vintage rolling stock from locomotives like the Boston and Maine 2-6-0 Number 1455 and Number 2013 of the New York Central and New Haven FL9 Number 2006 to many passengers cars used for cross country travel and commuter service and cabooses plus a post office car, and it has four operating engines: an Alco RS-1, a BUDD car, a GE 44 tonner and a Pfizer SW-8.


This is not your little town railroad museum.  It is a museum that tells the story of the depot and the railroad story of Danbury.  When you arrive, you will need to spend a little time here.  If you are fortunate enough, you may see a train pass on by.


The Danbury Railroad Museum is located at 120 White Street (intersection of White Street and Patriot Drive).  Directions from the interstates are on the webpage.  They are open year round although hours do vary between summer and winter.  They are mainly open between 10:00am and 4:00pm with lesser hours on Sunday.  Admission is $7.00 for visitors age 3 and older.  (Prices may vary for special events.)  Train rides in the rail yard are also available on the weekends from April to November.  There is parking right at the museum.  You can learn more about the museum, the museum hours and to see their special events throughout the year at


The next time you think about the city of Danbury, Connecticut, you can now think about the Danbury Railroad Museum.


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