Trains for the Holidays


It is the normal thing at the end of the year.  You arrive at the train station.  You check your bags.  You wait for the train.  The train arrives.  You board the train and go to your seat.  The train departs the station.  You watch the scenery going by.  You arrive at your destination.  You get off the train.  You grab your bags.  You go to the place where you will be spending Christmas.  You exchange gifts.  You eat.  You then return to the station and take the train home.


It is the same thing every Christmas, but it is a routine that you are willing to do over and over again because you love the ones that you are spending Christmas with, and you love riding the train looking out at the landscape.  For you, the train ride may be the best part of Christmas. Take the time to think of those who are working on the train so that you can enjoy your days for Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



The first photo is the ‘Oh Tanenbaum Train’ from ‘Steam Into History’ at the old train depot in New Freedom, Pennsylvania.

The second photo is ‘Santa’s Polar Bear Express’ from the Colebrookdale Railroad at the 1920’s train depot in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

The third photo is of Santa Claus waving from the Wanamaker Kempton and Southern Railroad at the old train depot in Wanamaker, Pennsylvania.

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