‘I See Trains’


Do you see the trains?  Maybe you cannot see the trains because you are in a spot where you cannot see them.  If you could only get out to your favorite train watching spot and get a great seat to watch them.  You sit on your beach chair.  The trains come.  You count the cars.  You see the passenger trains, commuter trains, freight trains and excursions trains.  You see long trains and short trains.  Or, you can go see the model trains.  You stand back and watch the trains as they go around and around and around.  You take a walk to your town or city park, and you see the old locomotive or the old caboose enshrined as a gift to your community for everyone to see.  You want to climb on, but there are chains preventing you from doing so.  Besides, it may not be safe to climb on anyway.

There is nothing like watching trains, and there is no other piece of transportation like it.  It is always fascinating to watch, and you just cannot wait for the next one to roll around.  Trains have become of part of you, and it can remain with you for a lifetime.


7 thoughts on “‘I See Trains’

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    My first train ride was from Reading, PA (now defunct) to Atlantic City, NJ with my grandmother. My grand pop was a mechanic on the Reading line, but long before that he was a teenage train hobo, living as best he could in the early 1900’s hopping the trains to get to whatever seasonal work was available. Train blood runs deep in my soul. Thank you, John!

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