Winchester Little Theater, Winchester, Virginia


Come on in.  The show is about to start.  Take your seat.  The lights are about to dim, and the show is about to begin.  Enjoy the show.


Welcome to the Winchester Little Theater in Winchester, Virginia.  Located in downtown Winchester just a few blocks from the main downtown mall, the theater puts on shows throughout the year.  The next time you are in Winchester and want to see a show, make your way to this little theater.


Now some of you are saying, “Well isn’t that something?  You have a little theater in Winchester that puts on shows.  I love to watch a show from time to time, but it would be really nice to see something about the railroad.  Therefore, the shows at this little theater will be going on without me.”


You do have a point.  Why go to this little theater when it has nothing to do with trains?


You are driving to the Winchester Little Theater.  As you are driving along, you see and old Pennsylvania Railroad Freight House.  How cool is that, but you have a show to see.  You decide to check out this old freight house.  You pull into the parking to park, and you walk around.  You see an old box car in the back.  You climb the steps onto the platform, and you look inside.  It looks like a theater lobby.  You walk around, and you see a sign that says ‘Winchester Little Theater’.


The Winchester Little Theater is housed in the old Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Station which was built in 1890.  (The year the depot was decommissioned and rail service discontinued was unknown at this point.)  The Winchester Little Theater was performing in other locations in Winchester, but they purchased this depot and performed their first show in August of 1974.  When you walk around the gravel parking lot, you can see some of the old rails embedded into the gravel.  When you enter the building, you can look on the walls and see a map of the rail lines going north of Winchester to points north.  You have a display of timetables from the Cumberland Valley Railroad.  There is also a photo of three steam locomotives to include a Class J.  All of these displays were put here in the theater by the Winchester Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society.


The Winchester Little Theater is a community theater that is non-profit, and it is an all-volunteer organization.  They do five productions a year mostly on weekends, and they have open auditions (for those who live in the area) to act in one of their plays.


The Winchester Little Theater is located at 315 Boscawen Street (U.S. 50) in Winchester, Virginia just a few blocks from the downtown mall.  Parking is free and plenteous.  Tickets can be purchased either by phone or online.  Be advised that most shows do sell out.  You can get more information and to read more into the theater company at


How cool is it to be watching a great theatrical production while seated in a piece of railroad history?  How good is the show?  Let us say that it is an experience that can really knock your socks off… really.


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