Ontelaunee Park, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania


New Tripoli, Pennsylvania is a small town that is thirty miles northwest of Allentown.  It is not a very popular town, but it is where you will find Ontelaunee Park.  Features of this park include an eternal flame memorial, a historic village operated by the Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society and an amphitheater.  There is also a stream that runs along the west edge.  It is a beautiful town park that is good for a lovely stroll.


Now some of you are saying, “I love these small town parks.  They are so lovely.  However, there are no trains.  Therefore, you will not be seeing me here.”


As mentioned, the park has a small village, memorial and an amphitheater.  The other feature includes a replica of the New Tripoli Train Depot.  New Tripoli was a town once served by a railroad.  Sadly, the railroad is gone.  The town had regular passenger service that was eventually ended.  The ‘Berksy Train’ gave regular service to this town.  There was also the ‘Ontelauntee Express’ which was a small train that ran through the park.  Today, the park is in the process of restoring an amusement train in the park for passengers to enjoy.


You see.  You now have a reason to visit New Tripoli, Pennsylvania.  The town is located along Pennsylvania Route 143 fifteen miles north of Interstate 78.  It is a detour worth taking.


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