‘On a Midnight Train’

Midnight Train

Imagine this.  You have a lady who lives in a small town where she has very few friends.  She has no opportunities.  She is very lonely.  What does she do?  She goes to the train station.  She buys a ticket for a random train.  The train arrives at midnight.  She boards the train and goes for a ride hoping that opportunity would find her.

You now have a man who is a native of Detroit, Michigan and had spent his entire life there.  He seems to find nothing but dead ends where he goes.  He wants out, but what can he do?  He goes to the train station, and he buys a random ticket.  The train arrives at midnight.  He boards the train in hopes that it would take him to a better life.

The man takes his seat… and he just happens to be across the aisle from the lady from the small town.  Their eyes meet.  She gets up… and sits next to him.  They engage in conversation.  It is not long before they fall in love.

Now some of you are saying, “Wait a minute.  This sounds like the song that the rock band ‘Journey’ sang back in the 1980’s.”

It sure does.  Don’t Stop Believin’ was a hit song by the band ‘Journey’, and it remains an iconic hit song to this present day.  The premise of the song is two people boarding… a train, and they meet.  Imagine how many people have found their special someone while riding a train.  For a fan of trains, it can make Valentine’s Day very special.

I hope that you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  If you do not have a loved one to celebrate the day with, may true love find you one day.  May you enjoy the ‘journey’, and ‘don’t stop believing’ that your best days are ahead.

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