The Connecticut Trolley Museum, East Windsor, Connecticut


Very few cities use trolleys as a means of transit today, and the days of the trolley are fading into memory.  There are many trolley museums across the United States of America that are trying to keep the memory of the trolley alive.  One of those museums is the Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor, Connecticut.


Now some of you are saying, “I know.  This is just another trolley museum.  You come to the museum.  You see the trolleys on display.  You see their restoration projects.  You ride the trolley down the line to some destination.  You wave at people going by.  They have special events.  Yippee.  Face it.  This is just like any other trolley museum.”


You can say that.  They do have an extensive collection of trolleys and interurban cars.  Much of their collection was used in the urban regions of Connecticut plus a few from Brooklyn, New York and Chicago, Illinois.  The museum goes deep into the history of trolleys in the state of Connecticut.  The Connecticut Trolley Museum is a trolley museum with so much more.  It is worth a visit.


The Connecticut Trolley Museum is located at 58 North Road (Connecticut Route 140) in East Windsor, Connecticut just east of Interstate 91 and U.S. Route 5.  They are open between April and December.  (Hours vary through the season.)  Admission is only $11.00 for adults, and there is plenty of parking on site.  You can learn more about the museum, their collection, events and the days it is open at


Make your way to the Connecticut Trolley Museum… a trolley museum that is much more.


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