The Star Barn Village at Stone Gables Estate, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania


The Star Barn in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania is one spectacular barn to see.  Built in 1877 in Middletown, Pennsylvania, this barn was a major landmark for those driving nearby.  Before it was a spectacular barn, it was… a barn.  Yes, a barn like any other barn where you would find horses, cows and chickens.  It was basically part of a farm just like any other barn.  In 1986, it was no longer an active farm.  The animals were moved elsewhere, and the barn was left to deteriorate.  It was to be demolished until a group of historical preservationists and volunteers saved the barn.  It was purchased by the Abel family who had it moved to its present location in Elizabethtown, and it was made into the spectacular site you see today.  Today, the Star Barn is the star attraction of The Star Barn Village.  It is a venue used for events to include weddings and private events as well as corporate events, and there are even places to spend the night away from any highway noise.  When you visit The Star Barn, you will be totally amazed, and the memories will last a lifetime.


Some of you are saying, “This is amazing.  I am so glad that this barn was not demolished.  It is such a spectacular barn.  There is one problem with this place.  This place is a barn.  There are no railroads.  Therefore, they should not bother leaving the barn door open for me.”


A spectacular barn with no railroads?  Is this the case with The Star Barn?  These are very interesting questions.


As you enter The Star Barn Village from the main road, you come upon a covered bridge.  You cross the bridge, but you must stop.  Why?  Because it says ‘Stop.  Look.  Listen’.  For what?  The train.  The first thing you see at the end of the bridge is a railroad crossing.  Yes, the Harrisburg, Lancaster and Lincoln Railroad does come.  It is pulled a newly built steam locomotive built exclusively for the Star Barn that pulls a replica of the Lincoln Funeral Car that carried the remains of Abraham Lincoln across the nation to his final resting place in Springfield, Illinois.  It runs along an old stretch of a railroad right of way.  During certain events, you can ride this train.  It currently runs on a two-thirds mile stretch of the property, but there are plans to extend the line to three miles.  The vision is to tell not just the history of the property but to tell the history of America.  Passengers will get a great narrated ride from the conductor.


The owners of The Star Barn Village have gone to great lengths to make this place special.  Whether if you are attending a special event or having a wedding here, you will be totally amazed at what you will see here.  It will be a place that you will want to return to.


The Star Barn Village at Stone Gables Estates is located at 1 Hollinger Lane in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  It is only open to the public during special events, but it can be booked for personal events like weddings, reunions or any other event.  (Please note that there is no trespassing on the property when no events or when private events are happening.)  You can go to to see upcoming events or learn how you can book your own event.


Come to The Star Barn and be a star.


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