Isett Heritage Museum, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania


What is the Isett Heritage Museum?  It is a museum located two miles outside of the town of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  What kind of a museum is it?  It is a museum that has a very large collection of items from the year 1800 to the present day.  Many museums have collections through various years, and many of those museums have unique items.  What makes the Isett Heritage Museum special?  It is a museum that takes you back in time.   A visit to the Isett Heritage Museum is a visit worth taking, and you will be glad to visit this museum.


Some of you are saying, “This is great.  We have another museum that has many vintage items on display.  With all this stuff, I do not see myself visiting this place.  Why?  The reason is because this is not a railroad museum.  Therefore, I will not be making my way to this place.”


The Isett Heritage Museum has many items on display.  Among those items are film and photo cameras, televisions, farm equipment, old printing equipment and so much more.  What more is there to see?  How about two model train displays?


Part of the collections at the museum include two model train displays, plus there are a few model trains on the shelves above the actual displays.  Watch the trains roll around and around to include steam trains and a trolley.  You will be so excited about the trains that you may forget to check out the rest of the museum.  If you are fortunate enough, you may get to see Mr. Isett himself, the same Mr. Isett who collected at of the items for many visitors to enjoy.


The Isett Heritage is located on Stone Creek Ridge Road about two miles from the town center of Huntingdon and from U.S. Route 22.  The collections are housed in three large structures so be prepared to do a lot of walking.  These structures are handicap accessible.  The museum is open year-round, but hours do vary between Winter and Summer.  (The museum is closed on weekends in December, January, February and March.)  Admission is $10.00, and parking is on site.  You can get more information and read more into the history of the museum at


Welcome to the Isett Heritage Museum, a place that will take you back… in time.


5 thoughts on “Isett Heritage Museum, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

  1. Beautiful museum, John! I love the museums I’ve seen in Pennsylvania – such a great sense of the importance of history. I love the scale models of the towns and the trains too. I wish I had that skill to build those kinds of accurate models. Thanks John!!

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