EnterTrainment Junction, West Chester, Ohio: The Home of Great EnterTrainment


The city of Cincinnati, Ohio sits on the Ohio River in the southwest corner of the state U.S. state of Ohio.  Some of the old timers may remember the show ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’.  Sports fans know it as the home of the Cincinnati Reds and the Bengals.  It is also the home of EnterTrainment Junction.


Some of you are saying, “You misspelled a word.  You meant to say Entertainment Junction.”


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a misspelling.  The name of the place is EnterTrainment Junction.  Most of you already figured out how the name came about.


Some of you are saying, “I know.  It is a place that has this amazing name, but when you visit, you simply see a train going around a small circle.”


If you are only interested in places that have massive produced names with tiny small displays, then EnterTrainment Junction is a place you will not want to visit.


If you enjoy a model train display, a very large model train display, with many operating trains, welcome to EnterTrainment Junction.


From the parking lot, it looks like a building just like any other building.  You go inside, and you find yourself in a town.  You walk over to the West Chester depot to pay your admission.  You look around the town again and see that this place is amazing, but you did not come inside to see a town.  You came to see trains.  By the way, it is just a bunch of model trains.  Right?  Prepare to be amazed.


You enter the first room, and you find yourself in the old west.  Well, you are not in the old west, but the layout displays the old west.  Each layout displays America from the early days of railroading to the present day from the rural lands to the mountains to the small towns to the cities.  Trains pass by towns through tunnels and over bridges and mountains.  Oh, during your walk-through, you will be passing through tunnels yourself.  During your journey you will see steam trains, diesel trains, subways and trolleys from yesteryear to today.  Along with the model trains there are also museum displays that include and old luggage cart and a bench once used inside a train station.  To make it easier, everything is on one level.  The only other level is an overlook that looks down on the display which is accessible by an elevator.


EnterTrainment Junction is located at 7379 Squire Court in West Chester, Ohio.  It is just minutes off Interstate 75 and about fifteen miles north of downtown Cincinnati.  Admission is 14.95 for adults, 11.95 for seniors 65 and older and children 3 to twelve with children 2 and under free.  As mentioned, the entire display is handicap accessible.  Along with this enormous model train display you also have the American Railroad Museum and Imagination Junction for the children.  Along with the train displays you also have the A-Maze-N Funhouse that includes a Mirror Maze, Clown College and other fun things.  Parking is on site and is free.  You can learn more about this amazing place at https://entertrainmentjunction.com/.


So, the next time you hear about the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Do not just think of it as a city on the Ohio River or the city in southwestern Ohio or the home of the Reds and the Bengals.  Think of it as a city of great entertrainment.  Be warned.  When you visit EnterTrainment Junction, you will be entertrained.


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