Railroads in the Movies



What does ‘The General’, ‘The Commuter’, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, ‘Silver Streak’, ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’, ‘The Railway Man’, and ‘The Girl on the Train’ all have in common?  They all involve trains.  From the days of silent movies to the modern, day trains have been in the movies.  From the wild, wild west to the train robbery to the murder to fast action to the regular everyday passenger, trains have been part a of the silver screen from Hollywood to across America to around the world.



Trains have been as much of the movies as they have been a part of many lives, and they have the same fascination as watching the trains in real life.



The next time you take a ride on a train, you will more likely not be part of a movie, but at least you can pretend.  Alright.  Please do not go and rob it.  Just enjoy the ride.





Special  Thanks  to  the  Walkersville  Southern  Railroad  in  Walkersville,  Maryland,  the  Everett  Railroad  Company  in  Hollidaysburg,  Pennsylvania,  Act  1  Productions  in  Shoemakersville,  Pennsylvania,  the  Strasburg  Railroad  in  Ronks,  Pennsylvania,  ‘Steam  Into  History’  Northern  Central  Railroad  in  New  Freedom,  Pennsylvania  and  the  Baltimore  and  Ohio  Railroad  Museum  in  Baltimore,  Maryland.

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