‘Love on the Train’

The Train at the Depot in Thomaston Connecticut

A man and a woman arrive at the train station at the same time.  As they are waiting for the train, they glance at each other.  The glance becomes a look.  The look becomes a stare.

“Which train are you wait for,” he asks.

“The 9:00 to Charlotte.”

“I am waiting for the same train.”

“Maybe we can sit together.”

The train arrives on time.  They climb aboard.  They sit down next to each other.  The train is on its way.  They look at each other and smile.  Something begins to brew.  What is brewing?  It is Love on the Train, and it will be a long-lasting love.

May everyone have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and may you spend it with the one you love, and if you are alone on this day, may love on day find you.


The photo is of the excursion train at the Railroad Museum of New England in Thomaston, Connecticut.

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