Marshall County Museum, Plymouth, Indiana


There is a town in northern central Indiana called Plymouth.  In this small town is the Marshall County Museum.  This museum tells the history of the county.  If you really want to know the history of Marshall County, Indiana, visit the Marshall County Museum in Plymouth, Indiana.


Some of you are saying, “Interesting.  I have never heard of the town of Plymouth, Indiana, and I have never heard of Marshall County.  It is a good thing that they have this museum.  If not, nobody would know about Marshall County.  There is one problem.  This museum is a county museum and not a railroad museum.  Therefore, you will not see me visiting this place.”



It is a museum about Marshall County so why visit this museum?


As mentioned, it is a museum that displays the story of the county from home life to school life to the local sports.  This museum is filled with artifacts.  This museum also has a very special room.  What is this room?  The Train Room.  No, this is not some small model train that goes in a small circle.  This display is a good size.  From steam to diesel, the trains go down the trains.  There are also trains on the walls plus old photos of the old train depot.  You may be spending a little time in this room.


Although the Marshall County Museum is about the area around Plymouth, out-of-towners will appreciate this place.  It is run and operated by the Marshall County Historical Society.  It is located at 123 North Michigan Street (Indiana Route 17) in the heart of Plymouth.  It is minutes from U.S. Routes 6, 30 and 31.  The building is handicap accessible.  Parking is street parking.  You can learn more at


So, you not only have a reason to visit Plymouth, Indiana, but you also have a reason to visit the Marshall County Museum.  They would love to have you visit.



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