Having Fun on the Rails

ec52d18d87c5617496bd1f1039cb2b3bWe know what some of you are thinking.  You see those railroad tracks before you.  You first thought is, “Can I balance myself on those rails.”

3e3c7c3592dc1ba2ff609f87c689911aYou think, and you think, and you think.  You put your best foot forward… on top of the rail.  Then you lift your other in the air.  You walk the rail like you walk a balance beam.  You make progress, but you fall off.  You just get back up and continue.  You go a little way.  You turn around and walk back.  You step off feeling good about yourself.

e72219d18276f9c3e6eca27ece7bf67eSo, you are not a balancer.  You just want to stretch yourself to see if you can tough both rails.  Some stretch their legs.  Some put their feet on one rail and their hands on the other.  Some of you try to lay your head on the rail and lift your feet in the air.

c268bd7a7eeb6cde36bedde5c4b5e2c4Then there are those who just want to have fun.  You just do a pose in the middle of the tracks.  You do a ballet pose, or you just stand there.

8178f1e6498d4ca9694c4f1fc6566576Whatever you do, you just like having fun on the rails.

34166dc4e616ec138dc01463330c6b22As you are enjoying your time on the rails, be mindful of a few things.  First, most rail lines to include major rail route have laws against trespassing on the rails or on the land on the sides of the rails.  If you see a sign that says no trespassing, stay off the rails.  Punishment can include imprisonment.  Second, some rail lines that are privately owned may allow you to have fun on their rails.  (Please note that some may have the restrictions as the major lines.)  That does not mean that you can let your guard down.  If the line is active (meaning trains still use the line), you must always be on the lookout for trains.  Any active line is dangerous regardless of how much usage it has.  (There is an old saying, ‘Always Expect a Train’, and that saying remains true to this day.)

10cd60e349225a5bc309dc692b9e0be1You best spot is an abandoned line.  You do not have to worry about any trains.  How do you know if it is an abandoned line?  You can look for tracks that are out of place.  If you see a section of the stones or dirt washed out from underneath, it is abandoned.  If you see the railroad crossing paved over with blacktop or dirt, it is abandoned.  If you see the trestle is in disrepair, it is abandoned, but be mindful of the trestle as it could collapse.  If you are not sure, the best thing is to avoid the tracks for your safety.

9f8c09efa575cc1cf085f185f946c0a7Although it is great to have fun on the rails, it is far more important to be safe.  Oh, you do not want to be hanging from a moving train over a huge drop.



PLEASE NOTE that the photos in this article are from Pinterest who own the copyrights to all of them.

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