A Ride in Her Caboose

Old Caboose Sophia West Virginia

It was a day.  There was nothing particular about the day.  It had twenty four hours that began and ended at midnight.  Each hour had sixty minutes in it with each minute having sixty seconds.  There was day and night with morning, afternoon and evening.  It was within a week, a month and a year.  It was just a day.

I was in a park.  It was a park that was like any other park.  It had trees and walking paths and benches and a fountain.  I was sitting on a bench reading a book.  It was peaceful and quiet.  Then there was a toot.  I thought I was hearing things as there were no train tracks anywhere near the park, but I looked in front of me and saw tracks rising up out of the grass.  I glance and see a steam locomotive made of shiny solid gold approaching.  It began to slow down as it came closer until it arrived.  I watched the locomotive pass by, and it was pulling a solid gold caboose, and a very lovely lady wearing a white shirt and black jeans was sitting on the back steps.

“All aboard,” she winked.

Mesmerized by her beauty, I went aboard.  I went inside, and I was amazed.  She rubbed her bare feet on the plush carpet.  The seats were red velvet.  The bed had shiny blue sheets.  The table was set as if it was inside of a parlor car.  The walls were wood panel.

“Come on up,” she said as she was climbing up to the cupola.

I climbed up, and I sat on a leather sofa chair.  She was sitting across from me, and her chair began to recline.

“I bet you never seen this on a caboose,” she said as she was fully stretched out.

“This is nice,” as I reclined myself.

We rode through the countryside, and we entered into a tunnel.  The lights went dim, and a disco ball came out with the spinning lights.  When we exited the tunnel, the lights were bright again.  I looked outside, and glanced out at the snow covered forest.  The trees were covered in heavy snow.  The train began to slow down.

“We are coming to our stop.”  She gave me a wink.  “Time to get off.”

She climbed down from the copula, and I climbed down behind her.  She opened the door.  “I have something to show you.”

Before I could say something, she stepped outside.  No coat and no shoes?  She obviously did not have a problem.  I stepped outside feeling the frigid air on my skin.  She was already a few steps away walking in the deep snow.

“Follow me,” she said as she trudged through the deep snow up to her knees.

I went after her, and I caught up to her as we came upon a fountain, but it was not your typical fountain.  It was a wine fountain.

“Dip in.”  She handed me a wine glass.

I took the glass and took a dip, and then a sip.  It was very refreshing.

“I am glad you like it.”  She smiled as she was sipping her glass.

Snow began to fall.  She started to dance around kicking the snow around.  It was a glorious site to see her smiling looking up into the sky.


We arrived back at the park.  I stepped off the caboose onto the ground.

“That was fun,” I told her.

“We can do it again.”  She blew a kiss at me.

“Sure,” I winked at her.

She waved at me as the train started to pull away.  As it was departing, the tracks sank into the ground.  This was a very special day.


The caboose is from the town of Sophia, West Virginia.

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