Train Station Museum, Everett, Pennsylvania


Everett, Pennsylvania is a small town in the south-central part of the state.  It was laid out in 1795 by a man named Michael Barndollar and originally named after the stream.  It was renamed Everett in honor of Edward Everett who was a statesman and orator.  It is a small on the Lincoln Highway.  (U.S. 30 bypasses the town.  Business U.S. 30 follows the original route.)  The town does not have much fame although the famous novelist Dean Koontz was born here.  It was the site of the Battle of Bloody Run in 1760, a massacre that took place at a small stream that runs through the town.  It is the home of two Medal of Honor recipients Ellis Weicht who fought in World War II and Sargent Robert Hocksock who fought in the Vietnam War.  If that is not enough for you, the Everett Cemetery has 152 gravesites of men who fought in the American Civil War.


So, is there any reason for a railroad fan to visit Everett, Pennsylvania?  Yes, there is.


Everett was once served by the Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad.  The town of Everett is where the Everett Railroad which now has its operations near Altoona gets its name.  The part of the rail line is that served the town is now the H&BT Rail Trail.  The railroad no longer serves the town, but the old passenger train depot and freight house remain.  The station and freight house where moved from their original locations to where there are today.  Today, it is the home of the Everett Train Station Museum.


What is the Everett Train Station Museum?  Of course, it is an old train station and freight house plus a caboose and steam locomotive.  It is a collection of artifacts of the town of Everett to include the history of the railroad in the town.  There is even a model train display.  Even if you are not from Everett or from the region, you will appreciate this museum.  (Some of the old railroad bed can be seen from the museum and from Pennsylvania Route 26 North.)


The Everett Train Station Museum is run by the Bloody Run Historical Society which strives to preserve the history of Everett, and they go through great efforts to honor their military veterans from the town with the Military Hall of Fame.  The museum is located at 49 West 5th Street just off Pennsylvania Route 26 north of the town center and south of U.S. 30.  It is open from April to October from 11:00am to 4:00pm.  Parking is available at the museum.  Admission is free, but they will appreciate any donation you give to help keep the museum running for generations to come.  You can learn more about the museum at


Now you have a reason to visit the town of Everett, Pennsylvania.  If you are in the region, take a drive through the town.  They would love to see you.



The  vintage  photo  are  the  property  of  the  Bloody  Run  Historical  Society  and  are  being  used  in  the  article  by  permission  of  the  society.


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