The Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio


What is the Ohio History Center?  If you are looking for a complex answer, you will not find one here.  The answer is that the Ohio History Center is the U.S. state of Ohio connecting the present day to the past.  Yes, the answer is that simple.  If you are still confused, you can visit the Ohio History Center and see for yourself.  It consists of the museum that displays the history of Ohio and the Ohio Village which is a living history village that takes you back in time to the Ohio of yesteryear.  History comes to life at the Ohio History Center.


Some of you are saying, “Wow!  This looks like a very fascinating place.  This place is about the history of Ohio, but there is a problem.  There are no railroads here.  Therefore, I will be making no history with this place.”


The place is called the Ohio History Center.  It is a place of history that leaves no stone unturned.  That includes the history of the railroad.


As mentioned, the Ohio History Center consists of a museum and an outdoor living history village.


Let us begin with the museum.  As mentioned, it displays the history of Ohio.  One of the exhibits is ‘Ohio Through Time’.  Here, you will find many displays to include models of trains.  One of them is a carved wooden model of ‘The General’, a famous locomotive used during the American Civil War which was also made into a movie.  Other models include the ‘Dewitt Clinton’ and, of course, the ‘Buckeye’.  If you make your way to the Ohio Village you will pass by a streetcar.


As you enter the Ohio Village, the first thing you will see is the caboose from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  The caboose is only on display and not open to see the interior.  The other thing you will see is an old train depot.  It is also not open to the public and is currently used as an entryway to the village from the parking area.


Along with the village and museum, you can also make an appointment to visit the library which has a vast collection of books on history to include the history of railroads.


Now, what was it about you saying that you were not going to visit the Ohio History Center because there are no railroads there?  You officially have a reason to visit the Ohio History Center.  By the way, you do not have to be a resident of Ohio to enjoy the Ohio History Center.


The Ohio History Center is located at e. 17th Street in Columbus, Ohio.  It is just off Interstate 71 north of downtown, and, for you Ohio State University fans, it is right next to MAPFRE Stadium.  Parking is on site, and both the museum and village are handicap accessible.  You can get more information at, and you can also check out the other historic sites across the state of Ohio.


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