Swigart Museum, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

The Swigart Museum in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania is an automobile museum.  What is special about this museum?  Their claim is that they are the oldest antique automobile museum in the United States of America.  If you are a fan of antique cars, you will want to make your way to this museum.  Among its collection is the Love Bug, the Volkswagen used in the original movie of the same name and two ‘Tucker’ cars.  It may not be as big as other automobile museums, but it does have a great collection of antique cars.

Some of you are saying, “Wow.  This is cool.  This is the oldest automobile museum in America.  There is one big problem.  This is an automobile museum, not a railroad museum.  Therefore, I will not be driving my car here.”

You have a very good point.  This is an automobile museum.  What does this automobile museum have to do with railroads?

The Swigart Museum was started by William Swigart who collected antique cars.  He also collected license plates of which you can see at the museum.  What is special about this museum when it comes to the railroad?  William Swigart was also a collector of model trains.  As you walk around the foyer area, you will see some of his train collection to include the classic Lionel Trains.  You will also see model trains in the main display hall.  One of the antique car displays has a railroad crossing sign.  Yes, this collector of antique cars was a collector of toy trains.

And you thought that it was a waste of time to visit the Swigart Museum.  Now you have a reason to drop by.  It is located at 12031 William Penn Highway (U.S. Route 22) east of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  It is open from Memorial Day Weekend to the end of October.  Parking is on site.  You can get more information about admission, their automobile collection, their adopt-a-car program, upcoming events to include their annual car show, and you can read more into the life of William Swigart to include his many accomplishments at http://www.swigartmuseum.com/.

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