The Attica and Arcade Railroad, Arcade, New York

The Arcade and Attica Railroad at the Depot in Arcade, New York

The U.S. state of New York is a state of many great treasures.  One of the most popular waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls, is on the border with Canada.  Another great treasure is south of this natural wonder.  What is it?  The locals know it as the Attica and Arcade Railroad.

A Display Train in Arcade, New York

The main depot is in the heart of the town of Arcade.  The experience begins… as you enter the parking lot.  Yes, it begins when you park your car, and a train consisting of a bright orange locomotive, a red boxcar and a red caboose is on display.  Sadly, this train does not go anywhere.  You then make the short walk to the bright orange depot.  You go inside… and you find yourself in a museum.  Artifacts from different railroads are on display here.  While walking through, you finally find yourself at the ticket office where you get your ticket for the train.

The Arcade and Attica Train Depot Across New York Route 39 in Arcade, New York

After a while, it is time to board the train in the bright orange cars pulled by a bright orange World War II era locomotive.  You get on board and sit.  The train pulls out of the station.  You wave to everyone as it pulls out of the depot across the street and over a creek.  In a short time, you are surrounded by open farmland.  You pass through a swamp and then more farmland.  Then you arrive at the Curriers Depot which is painted in bright orange.  This is the north terminus of the excursion trains.  (Their freight trains continue six miles north to the town of North Java.)  The locomotive detaches from the train, and then it begins the journey to the other end.  About halfway, it stops.  Why?  Here, you climb into the locomotive.  You sit in the engineer’s seat and get a glimpse of what it is like on a locomotive.  You climb out and see the train with the number 22 locomotive, box car and passenger car.  You want more.  You walk to the depot which houses, yes, another museum.  Well, it is time to get back on the train and head back to Arcade.  As you de-board the train, you have one regret that you wish that the ride was much longer.

The Locomotive at the Depot in Curriers, New York

The Attica and Arcade is a short line railroad with a deep history that once connected the towns of Arcade and Attica with the city of Buffalo.  After flood damage to the tracks, trains no longer went to Attica, but the name of the railroad remains.  Along with excursion passenger service, they are also a freight railroad.

Looking Down the Tracks of the Arcade and Attica Railroad.

The Attica and Arcade Railroad is in the town of Arcade, New York which is located forty miles south of Buffalo.  The depot is located at 278 Main Street (New York Route 39) just west of its junction with New York Route 98.  Parking is a short walk from the depot itself.  You can get information on the excursions, ticket prices, directions and read more into the history of the railroad at  You can also read more about the restoration project of the Number 18 steam locomotive to operate on its 100th birthday in November of 2020.

Number 22 on Display at the Curriers Depot.

So, if you like seeing orange, and if you like seeing trains, you will enjoy a day on the Arcade and Attica Railroad.  They would love to see you ride.

Locomotive Number 113 at Curriers, New York.

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