“Roadside America”: The End of a Great Icon

There are those who have had the great privilege of visiting an attraction in the small town of Shartlesville, Pennsylvania known as Roadside America. It was a model train display that depicted landscapes across the entire United States of America, and it was the work of one man who built the display by hand not using one kit. Each bridge and structure was hand built, and the waterfalls and fountains used real water. The man who built this attraction passed away in the 1960’s, and the display was left alone. To the present day, the display that you saw was what you would have seen in the 1960’s. It is with great sadness that the owners of Roadside America have decided to closed the attraction. They tried to get someone to buy the attraction, but there was no one who made a commitment. For those who were able to see this attraction were fortunate to see a masterpiece. Sadly, those days are gone.

3 thoughts on ““Roadside America”: The End of a Great Icon

  1. Yes, I was one of the privileged and this notice is quite heartbreaking. This place got me interested in trains and making my own miniature version (with dad’s help of course). The motel we stayed in had a daughter my age and an electric car – she took me on quite a ride! The Shartelsville Hotel taught me country style cooking and dining arrangements – that was a terrific vacation for me!!

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