It Was the Night on the Train Before Christmas

The Train at the Platform in Baltimore

It was the night on the train before Christmas and through the passenger car

The conductor was watching over the passengers who were traveling very far

One man was eating chocolates that were tasty

It delighted him so very, very hasty

A young lady was curled and sleeping in her seat

She removed her shoes and socks from her feet

They were on the train going to their special destination

They were rested while riding the train across the nation

Although it was such a very quiet and restful night

The smiles on everyone’s faces were so very bright

There was not a cloud not one drop of rain

It was a lovely Christmas Eve riding on the train

Riding on the train on a night we call Christmas Eve

When the trains stop, I am afraid no one will leave

It is a great Christmas Eve for all of us

Now I wish you all a very Merry Christmas

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