Berks Military History Museum, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

The Official Sign of the Museum Next to the Marines Only Parking Sign

The town of Mohnton, Pennsylvania is a small town situated south of the city of Reading.  In this town, you will find an old yellow building.  This old yellow building was once a place where a man named Cyrus Hornberger built carriages.  When you visit this building today, you will not see carriages.  You will see a great collection of military artifacts and memorabilia as it now houses the Berks Military History Museum.  The museum tells the history of the United States Military from the American Revolutionary War and the War of Independence to the wars America fights today.  During your visit, you will see a display of the Holocaust and get a feel of how the Jewish people were tortured and murdered by the Nazis.  They also preserved the original blacksmith shop from the carriage factory.  The Berks Military History Museum has so much in such a little space, and if you are ever in the reading or Lancaster area, you will want to make time to see this place.

The Home of the Berks Military History Museum

Some of you are saying, “This is very nice.  It is amazing that the people here have gone through great lengths to preserve the artifacts and the history of America’s military, and I am forever thankful and grateful for all those whose served.  There is a problem.  This is a military museum.  This is not a railroad museum.  Therefore, I will not make it my duty to visit this place.”

Soldiers Uniforms on Display

So, you are not going to visit because it is not a railroad museum.  Let me give you a reason why you should visit.

A Display of a Tent That You Would See on the Battlefield

As mentioned, the Berks Military History Museum displays the history of the military from the very beginning.  Did you know that the railroad was used by the U.S. Military?  One of the features at this museum is a model train.  The model train display is laid out as a display of the Battle of the Bulge that took place from December 16, 1944 to January 15, 1945 during World War II with military train from Germans and the United States.  It features tanks, jeeps, structures, land features, and, of course, trains.

The Model Train Display Depicting the Battle of the Bulge

Now you have a reason to visit the Berks Military History Museum.  Be advised that regardless of where you live, you will appreciate this museum and the great people who go through great efforts to keep this museum open for everyone to see.

Battle Scene on a Bridge During the Battle of the Bulge

The Berks Military History Museum is located at 198 E. Wyomissing Avenue in Mohnton, Pennsylvania.  It is open on Saturdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm.  Admission is free, but they gladly accept donations to help keep the museum open and running for many generations to come.  Please note that only the first floor is wheelchair accessible.  Parking it on the street.  You can learn more about the museum and the things they do to preserve the history of the military and to honor those who serve at

Locomotive Steams On

So you now have a reason to visit the Berk Military History Museum, a museum about the American Military and how the railroad played a part of military history.

Model Train Display

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