Those Old Classic Diners

Oh, yes!  You remember the days when you went to that old classic diner.  You were hungry and wanted to eat.  So you went to the nearby diner.  You ordered that burger and fries.  You ordered that chocolate milkshake.  You ordered that banana split.  The waiter took your order.  The chef cooked it or made it.  The waiter brought it out, and you enjoyed every bite.  When you were done, you left hoping to return for that next great meal.

Some of you are saying, “You know?  This is nice.  I can reminisce those days of going to the diner.  There is one question.  What does this have to do with the railroad?”

That is a good question.  The diners today are more different than the ones from years ago with that classic look.  Did you know that many of those old diners were built out of old passenger rail cars and old streetcars?  The passenger or streetcar was brought in.  The seats were taken out, and tables and chairs were put in.  Some had a counter with seats where you were able to see your meal cooked to order.  To the rail fan, it felt great to be having a great delicious meal in a piece of railroad history.

The next time you head to that diner, remember where many of those old diners began… with a piece of railroad history.

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