The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

Most cities in the United States of America have a zoo.  The city of Baltimore in the U.S. state of Maryland is no exception.  It is the home of The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  Located in Druid Hill Park, it is a place where you can see animals from around the world.  It is a fun place to go with family and friend, or by yourself, and have an enjoyable time.


Some of you are saying, “This is really nice.  You have a zoo that has animals.  It is fun to see the animals.  What I really want to see is trains.  Since the zoo has animals and no trains, let me say that I will not be having any fun at this place.”

“I Look Amazing”

So you have chosen not to visit The Maryland Zoo at Baltimore because you only visit places that have trains.  Yes, it has animals, just like any other zoo.  Here, you have the Maryland Wilderness where you see animals from the state of Maryland.  You have the Farmyard where you see animals from the farm.  You have the Polar Bear Watch where you see, of course, polar bears.  You have the Penguin Coast where you see, of course, penguins.  You have the African Journey area where you see lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and many African animals which include two white rhinos which are a new addition to the zoo.  You have the Chimpanzee Forest where you see the chimpanzees have fun.  You have the Jones Falls Zephyr.

Some of you are saying, “Wait a minute, the Jones Falls Zephyr?  That is a very strange name for an animal.  I have never heard of that one before.”

You just said that you would not visit The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore because there are no trains here.  Well, welcome aboard the Jones Falls Zephyr.  What is the Jones Falls Zephyr?  If you think it is a train, you are thinking correctly.  It is a miniature train with a replica C.P. Huntington steam locomotive that depart from the Jones Falls Station located inside the zoo.

You board the train.  You take your seat.  You see mini-longhorns in the pen to your right.  You go around the track.  You cross the first bridge.  You ride by the Chimpanzee Forest.  Then you return to the station.  Once you get off the train, you may be hungry.  You have your choice of eating at the Sidetrack, the Pizza Depot, or the Whistle Stop Grill.

Now you have a reason to visit The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  Therefore, you have no excuses.  Along with the animal habitats, you also have experiences that allow you to get up close to some of the animals including the penguins and the giraffes, and you can even feed some of the animals.

The Maryland Zoo is located at One Safari Place in Baltimore, Maryland.  It is minutes from Interstate 83 and ten minutes from downtown Baltimore.  Parking is free and on site.  The zoo is wheelchair accessible and so is the train.  There is an admission fee to enter the zoo.  The Jones Falls Zephyr and the other experiences cost extra.  Animal encounters may require reservations.  You can get all of the information you need at

Do you want to go to the zoo?  Sure you do.  Why?  Because the Jones Falls Zephyr is telling you to come.  That is why.

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