Old Rail Bed, Saltillo, Pennsylvania

What is so special about the small town of Saltillo in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.  If you visit the town today, it will appear as a town that is not much, but it was once a big town on the East Broad Top Railroad.  When the railroad came to the town in 1874, there was a small yard there with a water tower and a wye to turn trains around.  The town was home to a tannery, an iron mine, numerous quarries, and there was a passenger station here.  The rail line was discontinued in 1956.

Today, the railroad is gone with only the railroad bed and an old bridge remain.  The actual tracks remain and are being overtaken by the ground.  They parallel Railroad Street which intersects with Pennsylvania Route 655.

The town of Saltillo, Pennsylvania is accessible by Pennsylvania Route 655 which is accessible from U.S. Route 22 from the town of Mapleton in the north and U.S. Route 30 in Harrisonville in the south.  Please note the Railroad Street is not recommended for trucks and busses.

4 thoughts on “Old Rail Bed, Saltillo, Pennsylvania

  1. This is one railroad that isn’t abandoned, just unused for year, but it’s coming back to life now!! Check out the East Broad Top RR Facebook page!


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