The Thanksgiving Train

A man with a business suit and briefcase arrived at the train depot.  He went to the platform and saw a young woman in her 20’s standing there.  He saw her looking at her phone with her ball cap, tan velvet coat, blue jeans with a tear in the knee, and her bare feet with a rose tattoo on the top of her right foot and a toe ring on her left middle toe.

“What are you doing here?”  He had a disgusted look on his face.

“Waiting for the train.”  She continued to look at her phone.

“You?  Riding a train looking like that?  How hideous.”  He stiffened his nose.

“You?  Riding a train looking like that?  How ignorantly stupid.”  She continued to look at her phone.

“How dare you speak to me that way.”  He shouted at her.

“How dare you speak to me that way.”  She looked up at him.

There was the sound of a train whistle.

“Well, the train is coming.  I will soon be out of your crappy life,” she said.

“What was that?  No steam train come here.” He was flabbergasted.

The train with a shiny brass steam locomotive pulled up to the station pulling shiny gold passenger cars.  The conductor stepped off the train.  “Oh Tiffany, it is so wonderful to see you again this year.  Welcome aboard.”

“Wait a minute.”  The man had a confused look.  “You are taking this whore onto your train?”

“Who are you calling a whore?”  The conductor spoke directly to the man.  “This one fine, beautiful, gorgeous, flat out amazing woman.  She is always welcomed on ‘The Thanksgiving Train’.”

“The what?” He was confused.

“He’s an idiot in a business suit,” Tiffany said.

“Well then!”  The conductor was bold.  “We need to bring him on ‘The Thanksgiving Train’ to teach this man a lesson.”

He was stunned as the conductor grabbed him, yanked him onto the train, and shoved him into a seat.  Tiffany sat across the aisle and laid her bare feet across the seat.  The train pulled away from the station.

“Get me off this train.”  He pounded on the window.

But the train kept moving.

“Time for Thanksgiving dinner in the dining car,” the conductor said.

The man was grabbed and was pulled into the dining car and put at a table.  Tiffany sat at a table across from him.  A table was brought out with a baked turkey at the center.  Men and women in black attire walked into the car and sat at the tables.  A priest stood in the middle holding up a bible.  “Let us thank God for ‘The Thanksgiving Train’.”

He bowed his head.  “Almighty God, we thank thee for this train as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Let us be thankful to the engineer, the fireman, the conductor, the cook, the waiters and waitresses, and the many passengers who ride think train.  In the name of God Almighty, Amen!”

A man came and began carving the turkey, and the waiters and waitresses began serving everyone.

Later that day, ‘The Thanksgiving Train’ returned to the station.  Tiffany and the man stepped off the train.

“Thank you for riding ‘The Thanksgiving Train.’  See you next year.”  The conductor smiled.

Tiffany waved as the train pulled away.

“Will the train run next year?” He asked.

“It runs every Thanksgiving,” Tiffany said.

“See you then,” he said.

He turned to walk away but stopped.  He turned to Tiffany and said, “Thank you, and I am sorry about what I said to you.  You are a wonderful lady after all.”

“See you next year.”  She smiled.

They both went their way.

Wishing Everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  May you enjoy the ride on ‘The Thanksgiving Train.’

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