Pottstown Park, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Nestled in the mountains in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania is the town of Huntingdon.  It is a town that is not on many traveler’s maps, but it should with museums like Isett Acres Museum and the Swigart Auto Museum.  One attraction is Pottstown Park.  The park is on the Juniata River which flows south of the town.  Whenever you visit Huntingdon, it is a great place to take a nice stroll.

Some of you are saying, “What a nice park.  It is so beautiful except for one thing.  It is missing a train.  Therefore, you will not see me taking a walk in this park.”

Well, Pottstown Park is a beautiful park.  It features views of the Juniata River as well as an old train bridge.  Yes, one of the features of this park is the old-abandoned train bridge that crosses the river at this park.  The rail line once fed into the main line which is owned by Norfolk Southern Railway today.  (It was originally owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad.)  As you stroll past the bridge, you will notice artwork on the concrete.  Sadly, the trains do not run on the bridge anymore.

Pottstown Park is located on Pennsylvania Route 26 north of U.S. Route 22.  Parking is on site, and it is wheelchair accessible.  There is no admission fee to visit.

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