Old Train Station, Chatham, Virginia

Many towns in the United States of America were built around the railroad.  Among them was the town of Chatham in the southern region of the U.S. state of Virginia.  The station was built in 1918 by the Southern Railroad, and it became the main source of transportation to Chatham Hall, a girls preparatory school, and the Hargrove Military Academy.  It was an active depot until passenger service was discontinued in 1965 and freight service was discontinued in 1975.

The train station went into disrepair, but it was saved and restored.  It is now a Virginia Registered Landmark and houses a library and genealogical research center.  The great thing about doing research here is that your visit may be rewarded with a passing train.

The Old Chatham Southern Railway Depot is located at 340 Whitehead Street in Chatham, Virginia just off Virginia Route 57 and west of U.S. Business Route 29.  Chatham is part of the Virginia Rail Heritage Region.

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