A Cinderella at the Train Station

Photo is Courtesy of Pinterest

Michael had arrived at his home.  He saw a box at his door.  He picked up the box and saw a note that said, ‘Open Immediately’.  He opened the box and found a black shoe with a note inside.  He opened the note that said, ‘I will see you at the station’.  He saw another envelope.  He opened it, and he saw train tickets.  He saw another note that said, ‘Ride the train.  I am waiting for you at the station’.

The next morning, he was at the station.  The train arrived, and he climbed aboard.  He went to his seat and sat down next to a window.  He rode the train for many hours as it made many stops.  People boarded and deboarded.  It was not until the next morning.  He woke up from a deep sleep as the train was making a stop.  He looked at the window and saw a beautiful woman wearing ball cap, black coat, and blue jeans.  He looked at her feet, and he noticed that he had a shoe on one foot and that her other foot was bare.  He took out the shoe, and he noticed that the shoe on her foot matched the one in his hand.  He stepped off the train, and he walked to the woman.

“Excuse me,” he said.

She peeked at him.  She saw the shoe in his hand.  “Well, hello there.  Is that my shoe?”

He knelt down, and he put the shoe on her foot.  He stood up, and she hugged him.  “You came for me.”  She smiled.

“What now?” He asked.

The train was still at the station.

“Let’s ride the train,” she said.

They boarded the train, and it pulled away from the station.

I wish that everyone has a HAPPY VALENTINE’S  DAY!!!

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