Mullens, West Virginia

The town of Mullens in the southern region of the U.S. state of West Virginia is not a popular small town to tourists.  It has no great history although the town’s historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The town grew around the coal mining and lumber industry.  What do these industries have in common?  They are both users of the railroad.  A short line railroad was planned, but the Virginian Railway was the first railroad to be built in Mullens where there was a yard and engine terminal near the town.  The Virginian Railway was taken over by the Norfolk and West Railway which is now owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway.

As you visit the town and follow the railroad line along West Virginia Route 54 just north of the town center, you will notice a unique feature.  What is it?  You may have heard of situations of the railroad using natural rock tunnels.  You will find one in Mullens.  It is a short tunnel, but you can see it from the railroad crossings on the north and south side.  (Please observe from a distance, and do not walk on the tracks.)

The town of Mullens, West Virginia is served by West Virginia Route 16 and West Virginia Route 54, and it is south of West Virginia Route 121.  It is only accessible by car.  (There is no airport or Amtrak service.)  It is twenty-four miles southwest of Beckley.

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