The Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia

The city of Roanoke in the southwest region of the U.S. state of Virginia is a city with an association with railroads.  It was the hot bed of the Norfolk and Western Railroad and the Virginian Railway.  The city visitor center is located in the old Norfolk and Western Train Station which was a semi-grand train station in its heyday, and it also houses the O. Winston Link Museum that displays photos of the last known photographer of the steam locomotive in the United States of America.  It was here where many locomotives were built to include the world famous Norfolk and Western Railway Number 611, the only surviving Class J locomotive.  It is also the home of the Virginia Museum of Transportation which is housed in an old Norfolk and Western Railroad freight house.  The great thing about Roanoke is that the main railroad line runs right through the heart of downtown.  Now if you wanted to visit the city of Roanoke and need a place to stay, you have the luxury of staying in the Hotel Roanoke which is across the street from the Visitor Center in the old train station.  A stay in the Hotel Roanoke will truly compliment your visit to this city.

Some of you are saying, “This is very interesting.  The city of Roanoke, Virginia is one of the best railroad cities in the United States of America, and it just happens to be the birthplace of the Norfolk and Western Number 611, one of the finest locomotives ever built.  The Hotel Roanoke, well, is a fancy hotel, just like any other hotel.  It has nothing to do with the railroad.  Therefore, I will not be spending a night at this place.”

The Hotel Roanoke is a hotel.  It is built in a Tudor Revival style like the structures you will find in Europe.  Is it simple a hotel like any other hotel?  Well, what is special about the Hotel Roanoke is that it was built by the Norfolk and Western Railroad.  It was under the ownership of the railroad until it was donated to a Virginia based university.  Whether you like railroads or not, you will appreciate the style the hotel has to offer, and, if you are fortunate enough, you can get a room the overlooks the main railroad line and watch train roll by all day, and all night too.

The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center is located at 110 Shenandoah Avenue.  It is a short drive from Interstate 581 and U.S. Routes 11, 220, 221, and 460.  You can get more information about the hotel at

So when in Roanoke, enjoy the trains and the railroad sites.  Visit the O. Winston Link Museum, the Visitor Center, and the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  Watch the trains roll through downtown.  When you get tired, spend a night at the Hotel Roanoke.  The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center is on the Virginia Landmarks Register and on the National Register of Historic Places.


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