Old Union Station, Frankfort, Kentucky

In the early days of passenger railroading in the United States, railroads stopped in the big cities and the small towns.  Among those cities was the city of Frankfort, the capital of the U.S. state of Kentucky.  A depot was built here by the Lexington and Frankfort Railroad, but that was replaced with the current station when the Louisville and Nashville Railroad came to town in 1908.  The railroad also built to rock tunnel just east of the depot.  Passenger service ended on April 30, 1970, when the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Number 5300 ‘George Washington’ was the last train to stop here.

Today, the old train station is not open to the public.  The rail line still passes by, but the passenger platforms are gone.  You can see the old rock tunnel just east of the station.  It is located on West Broadway Street just blocks from U.S. Route 60.

The trains may not stop here anymore, but a visit to the old union station in Frankfort, Kentucky will give you a glimpse of a site that once was.


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