Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park, Bristow, Virginia

During the American Civil War, there were many battles across the northern region of the U.S. state of Virginia.  The most famous of those battles were the two that took place north of the town of Manassas.  Many of these battlefields were overrun with development, but some of those battlefields were spared.  Among them was the Bristoe Station Battlefield in Bristow, Virginia.

No, most school history classes will not teach you about the Battle of Bristoe Station as it was not a famous battle.

Some of you are saying, “With a name like Bristoe Station, that means that the battle was fought around a train station.”

Well, the battle was not fought around a train station.  Where does the name come from?  It was a stop on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad.  The railroad supplied Confederate troops during the battle that took place here, and part of the Battle of Bristoe Station took place around the railroad, and the Confederate Army even had the tracks destroyed.  As you take a tour of the battlefield, it looks like a quiet field, you do not see what happened October 14, 1863, when the battle took place.  Today, the railroad line is still active and is now owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway.

Today, you can walk the battlefield and see the burial ground of eighty-two troops from Alabama.  It is located of Virginia Route 28 south of Manassas.  You can read more into the battle at, and you can also get directions.

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