A Train Ride for Jimmy

It was Jimmy’s big day.  How big?  It was the first time that Jimmy was riding the train.  He and his mother arrived at the train station as they were on their way to his grandparents to celebrate Thanksgiving.  He was amazed at size of the train station with the very high ceilings.  They walked to the ticket counter to get their tickets.

“Thank you for our tickets Mr. Ticket Man.”  Jimmy grinned from ear to ear.

“Thank you for riding the train.  I hope that you enjoy the ride on the train.”  The ticket man gave his mother the tickets.

They walked towards the train platform, but they stopped by the news stand.  The mother purchased two bottles of water.

“Thank you Mr. News Stand Man.” Jimmy smiled.

“I hope that you enjoy the train ride.”  The clerk handed his mother the water bottles.

The continued to the train platform, and they arrived at the train.

“Can we walk down to see the engineer?” Jimmy asked.

They checked their baggage at the baggage car.

“Thank you Mr. Baggage Man.”  Jimmy waved at his.

“I hope that you enjoy your train ride.”  The baggage handler tipped his hat.

They walked to the locomotive when the engineer was looking over the locomotive.

“Thank you Mr. Engineer.”  Jimmy waved at him.

“Thank you for riding the train.”  The engineer smiled.

They walked to their car where the conductor helped them board.

“Thank you Mr. Conductor.”  Jimmy smiled.

“Thank you for riding the train.  I hope you enjoy your ride.”  The conductor smiled.

They climbed aboard the train, and they went to their seat to sit down.

“You can sit next to the window,” she said.

Jimmy jumped into the window seat.  She sat down next to him.  She slipped her feet out of her shoes and put her bare feet on the seat across from them.  Jimmy stared as the train pulled out of the station.


“Yes, Jimmy.”

“Thank you for taking me on the train.”

I hope that everyone has a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

The West Chester Railroad at the Glen Mills Station in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


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