The Railroad and Christmas

The  Old  Lee  Hall  Train  Station  in  Lee  Hall,  Virginia,  U.S.A.

It is that time of the year again.  People have put up their decorations.  You visit the railroad museum and see lights and wreaths hung on the locomotives and train cars.  Model train displays are set up around the Christmas trees.  You are riding on a train with Santa Claus who asks your children what they want for Christmas.  As the day approaches, you make your way to the station to take the train ride to your destination.

There is a great fascination about the railroad and Christmastime.  The trains produce a very special magic that fills every heart.  For those who are fortunate to see it snow along your journey, you see this time more special.  No matter what has happened up to this time, the sight on the train erases all of those memories.  Then it all comes to an end, and you cannot wait until it happens again.  This is what is amazing about the railroad and Christmas.

May your travels on the train be special, and may you take the time to think of all those railroad workers who are working to make all of this possible.  May you have a great Christmas journey on the train.


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