The Agricultural and Industrial Museum, York, Pennsylvania

Agriculture and Industry has been the backbone of the United States of America.  Throughout the nation, you see men and women working on the farms and factories creating products for everyday people to live their lives.  You also have numerous museums across the country that focus on agriculture and industry.  One of those museums that focus on both is the Agricultural and Industrial Museum located in York in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.  Housed in an old factory, the museum tells the story of how the farmers and the factory workers contribute to the nation’s way of life.  When you visit the Agricultural and Industrial Museum in York, Pennsylvania, you will see the greatness and importance of these people.

Some of you are saying, “It is amazing that we have museums like these telling the stories of farmers and factory workers.  There is a big problem.  As you can see, this is a museum about agriculture and industry.  It is not a railroad museum.  Therefore, I will be marking this museum from my list of places to see.”

So, you refuse to visit this museum because it is not a railroad museum.  So, why should you visit this museum?

As you arrive, you notice the structure, and you will know that it was an old factory building as you enter the museum.  The museum is divided into different galleries.

You have the Hall of Giants.  No.  It is not a gallery about David and Goliath.  It is not about a professional American football team called the New York Giants or the professional baseball team called the San Francisco Giants.  It displays large machinery to include a fire engine and a 72 ton ice making machine. 

You have the Local Industry Gallery.  What is here?  You see the story of those who made the telephones.  You have those who made pianos.  You have the pottery makers.  You see so much in manufacturing and industry and what they contributed to the American way of life.

You have the Agricultural Gallery.  You see a replica of an old mill and different machines used on the farm.  You can milk a cow.  Well, it is not a real cow, but you can get a hands on experience.

Some of you are saying, “I see that this museum has so much to see, but it is not a railroad museum.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we must mention the Transportation Gallery.  Of course, it is about transportation.  Yes, transportation is an industry itself, but transportation assisted agriculture and industry by transporting goods from the farms and factories to the people.  You will see a horse and buggy.  Of course, you have the trucks and planes.

While here, step onto a 1916 trolley.  No, it is not one of those bus like trolleys.  It was a trolley built by the J.G. Grill Company that ran on rails that was once used on the streets of York.

Is that the only reason for the railroad lover to visit the museum?  No.  Your visit will be complete until you climb onto a switcher locomotive built by General Motors in 1940 and used to switch rail cars in the yards to built and unbuild trains.  Yes, you can sit in the seat and pretend that you are a switch operator.  Sadly, you are in a museum.

Oh, if that is not enough, you can see a replica of the ‘York’ locomotive, one of the earliest locomotives on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, on display.  Sadly, you cannot climb on this one, but you can get a glimpse of the early steam locomotives.  There are also photos of steam locomotives that once ran through York.

Now you no longer have excuses to not visit this museum.  Even though it mainly focuses on the region around York, Pennsylvania, if you are an out of towner, you will appreciate this museum and the great contributions of farmers and factory workers.

The Agricultural and Industrial Museum is park of the York History Center, a collection of museums and historic sites in York.  It is located at 217 W. Princess Street in York, Pennsylvania.  It is open Tuesday to Saturday year round from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Parking is street parking.  Admission is required to enter.  You can get more information about the museum and learn about their other museums at

Come to the Agricultural and Industrial Museum in York, Pennsylvania.  Come and see how the railroad is a part of agriculture and industry.


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