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The Irish Railroad Workers Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

The day was February 28, 1827.  The city was Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.  The first railroad tracks were laid.  The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had begun in Baltimore, and it would spread across the continent.  A roundhouse was built to service the trains to keep them running. It was at this very place … Continue reading The Irish Railroad Workers Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown, Maryland is a railroad lover’s haven.  It is a town that is a major railroad hub that once served the Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, Norfolk and Western, Baltimore and Ohio and the Hagerstown and Frederick railroads but now serves CSX, Norfolk Southern and the Winchester and Western railroads.  The Western Maryland Railway had a roundhouse … Continue reading Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, Hagerstown, Maryland

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