The Der Hochbeinige

Hans was in the dining room eating with his sister, Katarina.  Their father and mother walk in.

FATHER: Sie da. Erraten Sie, was?  [Translation: Hey there.  Guess what?]

HANS: Was?  [Translation: What?]

FATHER: Ich habe Fahrkarten für die Der Hochbeinige.  [Translation: I have tickets to ride the Der Hochbeinige.]

HANS: Yay! Wir fahren mit der Der Hochbeinige. Was ist die Der Hochbeinige?  [Translation: Yay!  We are riding the Der Hochbeinige.  What is the Der Hochbeinige?]

FATHER: Es ist ein Zug.  [Translation: It is a train.]

HANS: Yay! Ich möchte mit dem Zug fahren.  [Translation: Yay! Ich möchte mit dem Zug fahren.]

KATARINA: Aber Papa, der Zug ist in Deutschland, und den Flug können wir uns nicht leisten.  [Translation: But papa, the train is in Germany, and we cannot afford the airfare.]

FATHER: Wir müssen nicht nach Deutschland. Wir müssen nur nach Williamsburg, Virginia.  [Translation: We do not have to go to Germany.  We just have to go to Williamsburg, Virginia.]

Hans and Katarina looked at each other.

HANS: Warum sprechen wir Deutsch, wenn wir hier in Amerika sind?  [Translation: Why are we speaking German when we are here in America?]

Everyone looked at each other.

Yes, you can ride the Der Hochbeinige.  No, you do not need to fly to Germany.  You only need to head to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.  No passport is needed, and you do not need to learn how to speak German.  The people at Busch Gardens prefer that you speak English.  The Der Hochbeinige is a miniature replica of a steam train that would have operated in Europe that pulls the Preussische Staatbahn tender (the car behind the steam locomotive).  As the Der Hochbeinige is German themed, they also operate the Balmoral Castle, a train with a Scottish theme, and you can ride the Alpen Express, a mountain themed train that was originally run at a theme park in the southwest region of the U.S. state of Virginia.  (The park is no longer open.)  Each train makes stops along the way.  Go to to get more information.

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