The Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania

You did it.  You have made it to the Steamtown National Historic Site in the city of Scranton in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.  You have been to all of the exhibits and have taken a train ride.  You think you visit is complete… but you are not finished yet.

Now some of you are thinking that there is plenty to do at the Steamtown National Historic Site, and you are now wondering what else there could be.  Ladies and gentlemen, once your visit to the Steamtown National Historic Site is complete, there is actually more to do.

Welcome to the Electric City Trolley Museum.  When you complete your visit to Steamtown, you can take a walk across the parking lot to the trolley museum.  As was said, your visit to Steamtown is not yet complete.  Housed in an old nineteenth century mill building, the Electric City Trolley Museum has old trolleys on display.  Inside, you have interactive exhibits to include a striped trolley where you can see the inside of a trolley.

In case you are thinking that this is it, you still have to take a ride on a trolley.

Yes, there are trolley rides.  No, it does not go around the museum.  It takes you across the rail yard through downtown Scranton, along Roaring Brook, through one of the longest interurban tunnels ever built and through parkland all the way to their shop located next to the Lackawanna County Stadium.  As you can see, this is not your normal trolley museum trolley ride.  This is a trolley ride unlike any other.  This trolley still takes minor league baseball fans to the games at the stadium during baseball season.

The Electric City Trolley Museum is located next to the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton Pennsylvania.  The museum is open all year round, but the trolley only operates from Thursday to Sunday from late April to December.  You can get information on museum admission, trolley fares and schedules at  Once you have visited the Electric City Trolley Museum, you will have officially completed your visit to Steamtown.


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