The Station Inn, Cresson, Pennsylvania

There are bed and breakfasts all across the United States of America.  Some are in major cities while some are in small towns.  The town of Cresson in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania is a suburb of Altoona, a city in the central part of the state that has many railroad sites.  Among those sites is the Everett Railroad Excursion Train in Hollidaysburg, the Railroad Memorial Museum in downtown Altoona, the Gallitzin tunnels in Tunnel Hill, The Allegheny Portage Railroad also in Tunnel Hill, a railroad that carried canal boats across the Eastern Continental Divide, and you have the World Famous Horseshoe Curve where you can watch trains go through the curve.  They also have a minor league baseball team called the Altoona Curve, an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Altoona was dubbed as America’s Railroad Capital with the numerous railroad sites and the many railroad shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad where locomotives and rolling stock was serviced and repaired.  (Chicago, Illinois has also been given that title with the numerous railroads that serve that city.)  As a city built on the railroad industry, it is fitting to have a bed and breakfast in the suburbs that is designed for… railroad watching.

Welcome to the Station Inn in Cresson, Pennsylvania, a bed and breakfast specifically designed for rail fans and, most important, train watching.  Each room is railroad themed, and most of the rooms have a window where you can watch the trains from your bedroom window.  If that is not enough, you can enjoy a nice breakfast on the front porch and wave to the engineers as the trains roll by.

Some of you are saying, “This is nice that you have a bed and breakfast designed around watching trains, but you know that it gets boring when the trains only come once every six hours.”

Be advised that if you stay at the Station Inn, you will be disappointed as the Norfolk Southern Railway has many trains on three tracks rolling through here throughout the day.  In case you are wondering, it has been this way since 1993.

The Station Inn is located at 827 Front Street in Cresson, Pennsylvania across the street from the Norfolk Southern Railway main line.  It is just blocks from Pennsylvania Route 53 and a short drive from U.S. Route 22.  You can get more information at

So, when in Altoona, Pennsylvania visiting the great railroad sites, make sure you spend the night at a great railroad site, the Station Inn.  They will keep the trains going for you.


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